What is an activation event?

You’ve finally made it to this moment. You’re ready to go. Months of planning, testing, developing and designing a new product. You’re eager to activate your audience, but they still don’t know who you are.

So, what is a brand activation?

It’s a singular or series of events which are specifically designed to generate awareness, improve exposure and build a lasting relationship between you and your audience.

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Quote: "We do not remember the days, but rather the moments" - Cesare Pavese

Why you should get involved

At FoxWylie, we understand the importance of achieving more than just a transactional moment. Events are designed, even down to the smallest of details, to help your audience share your vision, fall in love with your brand and be inspired by your product. It’s crucial that you consider your wider audience too, those who will see your event shared online, so we’re keen to deliver the right marketing materials to ensure your events are memorable, recognisable and shareable.

Each time we partner with a brand, we deliver an experience that gets people talking, allowing them a unique opportunity to interact with your product that’s fun and interactive. Whilst you need to attract as many people as possible, we know it’s crucial to understand who is buying into your brand, and who is enjoying the buffet table. So, we’re on hand to collect the data that allows you an insight for future marketing opportunities.

How we can help

When you collaborate with FoxWylie, we work with you on all levels of the brand activation including planning, event design, marketing campaigns, event management, providing equipment, installation, onsite safety and technical support, event derig and storage for future events.  

Our team has over 20 years of experience in managing and delivering events, and each part of the process is owned by a member of the team to make sure it runs with expert efficiency. Our skills include marketing, health and safety, lighting and sound, and we all represent our FoxWylie values to develop a close working relationship with our clients. 

So, if you’re ready to work with a team of professionals to bring your brand out front and centre, get in touch and let’s get started!

Activation events we have previously done

Nando's Reading Festival 2022

Nando's Container Stage Reading festival 2022
Shipping containers stacked into an office
A large crowd in front of nando's event
Nandos kitchen
  • Designed event space to maximise given area
  • Provided full site plan along with site management, technical solutions, health and safety and structural assemble
  • Supplied units, technical equipment, prints and graphics

World Cup Activation

  • Delivered the activation in a 2 day deadline
  • Sourced a shipping container, painted and branded it and transported to the location
  • Planned a suitable route round London for a multi location photo shoot

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