Video production for social media and marketing


What do you think when you hear the words ‘video production’ – does it excite you or fill you with dread? To be honest, we wouldn’t blame you if it’s the latter! There is so much talk of the importance of producing regular, quality video content for your digital channels that it can feel quite pressured.

Video production is changing the way we do business and market our businesses. Huge amounts of video content, whether pre-recorded or live-cast, is being generated and uploaded at a phenomenal rate. So, like it or not, it’s a good idea for all of us to try and make use of the technology available.

Lights, camera, action

Creating quality, high impact video content will almost certainly involve a professional production company – at least for part of it – but this can be expensive. If your business is fortunate enough to ring fence significant marketing budgets, the spending in this area is not a problem. However, there are many organisations, who would benefit from having regular video content online, that are not able to financially commit to such expenditure.

This can mean one of two things: firstly, the organisation may decide not to create any video content, which isn’t beneficial, especially if their competitors are advertising in such a way; or the organisation will create lack lustre content, which doesn’t produce the desired effect on their target demographic, nor achieve the desired outcomes as a whole.

Different audience, different approach

When it comes to social media, the majority of your video content will be viewed and discarded in a short time frame, so regular quality content posted a few times a week is the way to go.

The same applies for live casting; if for example, you are live casting a session from your conference where you have several influencers talking about a hot topic, then hiring a professional video production company will ensure the content is beautifully streamed across all the required platforms. If you are simply trying to tell everyone about the great meeting you’ve just had and how it could be relevant to your followers, then a simple selfie-style live stream would be just as good.

Creating great video content

The key points to consider when producing video content are:
• Audio quality
• Lighting
• Angle/background
Content planning


Audio is an important aspect of video creation, which is relatively cheap to achieve with several companies offering good quality microphones that connect straight to your smartphone.

Ensure that your voice is clearly heard above any background noise. The simplest thing here is to avoid areas where there is a lot of background noise disturbance, like a room with lots of hard surfaces where your voice will bounce off the walls and floor and come back to the microphone as an echo.

If you are sat close to the camera, a reasonable quality lapel microphone which connects to your phone is great. This can be clipped discreetly under your chin ensuring you get the highest level of voice to background noise ratio.

If there is an obvious problem with the sound, like the humming of a building’s mains supply, then it’s worth unplugging everything from the power source and plugging each thing in to see which one is the most offending item – then try not to use it!


It’s worth thinking about lighting as this affects the quality of the overall presentation. You will not retain your viewers’ attention if they find it hard to see the content. Luckily, most smartphones now have quality cameras which can automatically adjust to various lighting, especially bright scenes.

Consider the composition of your shot. If you’re filming from a selfie-style angle then make sure that your arm is a little higher than you might think, your audience doesn’t want to be looking up your nose! It is also important to consider your background – a busy background will draw your viewers’ attention away from you and your message. Not what you want!


Planning what you want to say is important, and the tone will depend on the type of video.

A live webcast where you are accepting questions and responding will require you to be confident in the subject that you are talking about.

It is far better for you to pause and think about what you are going to say than struggle through the question posed. However, if you are directing a pre-prepared piece to the camera, you should make sure that you know clearly what you want to say to avoid the all too common ‘ums and ahs’, which disrupt the flow of the video.

At Fox Wylie we provide professional video production services for one-off content or regular pieces, including social media friendly content and live streaming. Get in touch if you’d like to chat further!

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