New tech and trends for 2019


CES Las Vegas is in full swing! Every January all the big names in tech – plus loads of keen start ups – gather at this world famous trade show to present what they’ve been working on; from new cars to nifty little gadgets for your home!  Lets have a look at some of the event technology trends for 2019.

Tech rumoured to be showcased this year includes a roll up TV, a gadget that tells you when the food in your fridge is going off, a pet robot with its own personality, folding phones and tablets and even flying cars. There are software companies, smart home companies, those who specialise in wearable tech, drones – the list goes on.

Technology in the event world

Everyone gets excited by technology in one way or another. For event professionals, technology should be both time saving and immersive, inspirational and limitless.

It’s no longer just about reducing paper at events or putting a ‘tick’ in the marketing box; it’s about helping to create events that offer visitors a real experience, as well as focusing on sustainability and personal wellbeing – three of the big trends for 2019.

Gone are the days when digital marketing was set apart from ‘traditional’ marketing. It’s not new, or optional anymore, nor is it a case of ‘let’s put some budget aside for digital’. Like in all industries, event organisers are now expected to fully integrate the two – and the new tech emerging in 2019 does just this.

Immersive presentations

We’ve all heard of ‘death by powerpoint’ and, if we’re genuinely thinking about the wellbeing of our delegates, then hour-long presentations and hard chairs aren’t the way forward anymore.

Luckily, there’s plenty of tech to transform how you get your information across.

  • Video mapping, also known as projection mapping, is a way of projecting video onto a surface or object so that your whole event space opens up and a new focal point is created
  • Drone technology enables people to follow a journey without leaving the room, or see something from a different perspective
  • 270-degree presentations can run floor to ceiling on many sides of the event space to literally wrap around and immerse your audience
  • We at FoxWylie also recommend throwable mics for enhanced interaction!

Technology like this means delegates are no longer spectators but participants in your event.

Event management

It’s predicted that event professionals will make even more use of event management technology in 2019; not only to better inform them of who is attending their events, but to improve the experience of their guests.

  • Attendee tracking systems use live data to inform event organisers and help them make decisions. This can be via handheld scanners at doorways, delegates scanning their badges as they move around the event, or even by invisible readers in doormats. The tech records the journeys that delegates make around the event in order to inform future events (of what’s popular, what’s not), but also to allow organisers to make real time decisions, such as moving guests to other areas of the event to avoid queuing.
  • Wearable tech is also getting more popular; from smart badges as mentioned above to anything as sophisticated as your FitBit!
  • Facial recognition is said to be a big change for 2019. No more paper tickets or searching for email confirmations at the door – your delegates check in simply by looking at a camera.
  • Organisers are also now expected to embrace cloud technologies by uploading documents from the event for delegates to download and share.

A virtual world

Whether you’re planning what a potential venue might look like or taking your delegates into a new world, virtual tech is the way forward.

  • Virtual 3D tours are becoming vital for making decisions on venue or layout. 3D floor plans and 360 degree tours will always win over imagination, and can also save journey time to the physical venue. At FoxWylie, we can organise a virtual tour for people to experience what it is like to be in the room:
  • Virtual reality – or augmented reality – is great for the delegate experience. A simple pair of goggles can take them to another country, or into a particular situation, as you talk them through it or they choose to get lost in another world by themselves!

Social media

Nothing new here, but social media continues to enhance events for both attendees and those following the action remotely.

  • Live streaming: tech such as Facebook Live enables you to share your content across the world in real time and choose how much of the event you allow non-attendees to see
  • Speakers: you can have a guest speaker loop in remotely for your event from anywhere in the world
  • Selfie/activity stations: these are great for combining digital with the real world and will bring no end of promotion for your event – from cardboard Instagram frames, to short DIY activities and dressing up booths, this imagery works a treat on social media during and after the event!

Feeling inspired to get going? We’d be happy to help with your next event, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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