Meet Lisa, our Head of Events and Senior Project Manager


Lisa has been with the FoxWylie team for some time now. As Head of Events and Senior Project Manager, her role encompasses the huge variety of tasks that being an Event Manager demands, as well as managing client relationships, the events team and getting stuck in with large budgets and proposals.

Read on to discover more about Lisa, her beloved dog Todd, and having to be dug out of the snow at a client meeting!

What does the role of Head of Events look like?

Here’s what Lisa has to say about her role here at FoxWylie.

“Having worked in events for over a decade, one of the best things about my job is the variety it brings. One minute we’re working on a high profile corporate conference, the next we’re coordinating a CCTV system for some escape room activity, checking out a new venue opening or scoping out some new technology.

“I love working with clients, and get great satisfaction from knowing we have helped with something which they wouldn’t have managed on their own.

“While the role is fast-paced and, at times, can be highly stressful, the rewards are well worth it and there’s nothing better than watching an opening session run smoothly after months of careful planning.”

5 minute Q&A

Time for our random Q&A. Over to you, Lisa!

1. Chinese or Indian? Indian, definitely. 
2. If you were a crayon, which colour would you be? Blue – calm and serene. Though I doubt anyone would describe me in that way!
3. Early bird or night owl? Early bird for sure.
4. What are you currently watching on TV? Nothing currently, though I’m waiting to start ‘Line of Duty’ as I’ve heard great things! I love ‘Homeland’ and hope there’s a new season of that soon!
5. What would you sing for Karaoke night? No one would want to witness this, but it would have to be something by Destiny’s Child!
6. City break or beach holiday? Beach – I love being by the sea.
7. What book are you reading at the moment? ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’!
8. Are you more of a cat or dog person? Dog – I need to start a swear jar-style pot where I put a pound in every time I show someone – who hasn’t asked – a picture of my dog Todd!
9. Who would play you in a movie about yourself? I’ve been told I look like Hayden Panettiere (not sure if it’s true, but what a compliment); she was a bad-ass cheerleader in Heroes so would love for her to play me!
10. What trend do you hope comes back? Combat/camo trousers – comfy and lots of pockets!
11. What’s your most used emoji? 🤦‍♀️
12. If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick? Whatsapp, Waze – I have a terrible sense of direction, and Evernote – I’m always making lists!
13. If you could organise any event, on any subject, what would it be? Sustainability and the environment.
14. What’s the most stressful thing that’s happened to you on an event? I once got snowed in at a client meeting, and the client had to dig me out with a shovel!

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