Meet Jonny, MD of FoxWylie


Jonny is the founder and Managing Director of FoxWylie. He found his way into the event industry after starting work at an AV company, setting up for gigs and live shows. Now, at the helm of FoxWylie, Jonny and his team create exceptional, unforgettable experiences for events of all shapes and sizes managing the entire project from start to finish.

Read on to discover more about Jonny, from his early days working on the family farm to managing events in Venice, plus his love of holograms and ambitions for the company.

What does the role of MD look like?

Here’s what Jonny has to say about his role here at FoxWylie.

“As the MD of FoxWylie, it is my role to keep all the wheels turning and heading in the right direction. As the team grows, I have stepped back slightly from the front line event delivery, to concentrate on business development and growth.

Having spent the best part of two decades working in the AV and production side of the industry, I have seen a lot of different things and have a great contact list. As such, I will always make suggestions about other ways things can be done.

I want FoxWylie to be the best company to work for in the whole industry and it is my job to ensure that it is.”

5 minute Q&A

1. What was your first job?  Working on the family farm. From the age of around 11 I would work through the summer on our farm.  It wasn’t until I was 17 that I found the events industry. My first job was working for an AV company setting up for gigs and live shows.
2. Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to for work? Venice.  I have travelled a fair bit, but my favourite place I’ve worked is Venice.  It’s a beautiful city with so much character.  At one of the venues we worked at, the only access for equipment was via the canal, so we had to load everything in from a barge making sure not to drop anything into the water! Plus we had some down time to explore this amazing city.
3. What’s the most rewarding thing about your job? Seeing the finished product.  When we have spent months working with a client, developing the initial concepts and then to
see it come together is fantastic. It’s about seeing delegates experience the event and the enjoyment on their faces.
4. What’s the hardest thing about working in events? The stress! There are no second chances when it comes to events; no opportunity to say ‘oh well I can finish it tomorrow’. When there are 1,000 delegates turning up in three hours it has to be finished.
5. What would you like the next event trend to be? Holograms.  I still think we are a little way off but I am super excited for real holograms to become a thing.  The closest you can get now is using the ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ style of hologram, which does offer a great effect but only from one angle.  There’s also Microsoft HoloLens, which requires wearing a big headset.  When we get to a place where the headset is replaced with a pair of glasses or even contact lenses, then the possibilities in event design will be endless.  We won’t have to worry about annoying things like physics!
6.  Why did you choose to set up your own events agency? It felt like the right time. There were things I wanted to do but was told that they weren’t possible, or the budget wasn’t there. One of the things we specialise in now is finding the solutions when the budget is there. This mostly comes from knowing where money can be saved and when it needs to be spent in order to get the result.
7.  If you could open another office in any exotic location, where would you choose? Perhaps world domination isn’t on the cards, but I would certainly like to grow the company internationally.  The dream would be to have an office in the Maldives, but it will more likely be somewhere like Singapore where corporate events are more commonplace.
8. Would you encourage your son to go into events? Probably. There are so many avenues you can take, and you really do have the opportunity to travel around and see places that people don’t normally get to go to. You also get to meet the most amazing people. It requires hard work but it is very much worth it.

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