Location, location, location


In the words of Kirsty and Phil, “Location, location, location!” But we’re not talking about where to buy a house, we’re talking about where to host your event.

Location can bring a certain uniqueness to an event through elements such as the history, the culture or the people. You’ll find plenty of resources online about finding a great venue, but there’s not so much about considering the wider area.

Of course, how important the wider location is depends on the sort of event you are holding. While location might not be so relevant for a one hour training session (other than, of course, taking travel and logistics into account), for big residential stays or events such as awards ceremonies, there are many reasons to get it right…

● People will want to attend an event that is held in a great location, so your numbers will be up
● Choose an Instagrammable location and you’ll get more shares on social media, which equals more publicity
● Wow your delegates with their surroundings and it’s more likely to lead to better retention rates
● A good location will make your event more memorable and hence your key event messages will have longer lasting effects

What to consider when deciding on a location

There are a few things to consider before you go and fall in love with a far-flung city or natural wonder…

● Your audience: Do they want calm and space, or something fast paced with lots of arts and culture?
● Your objectives: What are the objectives of your event and will your location complement these? For example, you probably wouldn’t hold an investment event for entrepreneurs in the middle of
the wilderness; a city location would be far better suited.
● Your event ethos: Similar to the above, does the location suit the event ethos or values?
● The venue: Location is one thing, physical venue is another. Is there something suitable in your desired location? We are often one of the first to get news of new venue openings and refurbishments through our industry contacts, so get in touch if we can help.
● The logistics: As creative as we’d encourage you to be in your location search, you can’t ignore the basic requirements such as transport, accommodation, electricity and sustenance – Fyre
Festival ring a bell to anyone?!

Location finding can be a challenge, but we can help you work out somewhere logistically viable with that extra dimension – either in the UK or abroad.

What can a location bring to an event?

Location is important because it contributes to that much-talked-about ‘immersive’ experience that people expect.

Technology has made the world so much smaller that we have a hunger to experience more than what we see on screen; we want to stay with locals, sample their food and see how they live.

A unique city – If you’re opting for a city location, choose somewhere that’s one of a kind, so that you can draw on the culture of the place. How about the Roman baths in Bath, punting in Cambridge or a Beatles experience in Liverpool?
Exciting activities – If it’s all about the adrenaline, choose an activity that’s unique to your location; not something like go-karting, which you can do anywhere. So, you could try caving in Wales or riding Clydesdale heavy horses up in Scotland!
Nature at its best – Do your guests have a particular interest or speciality that you can draw on? For instance, the Yorkshire Moors of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights for literature lovers, or a UNESCO World Heritage Site such as the Jurassic coast in Dorset for geologists. Or why not offer something different to what your clients are used to and try taking them outside of their comfort zones? We’ve found from experience that a change is as good as a rest!
Food and drink – Everyone loves food and drink and every location has its own specialities, from gin making and micro breweries to local farm shops and traditional fayre.
Team up with a local guide – Why not make the most of your location and employ the help of a local guide who can take you through a particular part of the local area? This is particularly good if your group has certain interests, such as architecture, for example.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you find your ideal location.

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