It’s a small world after all… Incentive travel


We’re a generation of globetrotters and, for many of us, a two week beach holiday once a year just won’t cut it anymore. Cheap flights and ferry crossings are making it possible to visit new cities in a weekend (cue Channel 4’s very own Travel Man!), while tour companies are making visiting places off the tourist trap a reality.

And it’s not any different for employee travel. People expect more and more – not just from the destination itself, but from the experiences while they’re there; they want to stay with locals, sample their food, see how they live. Technology has made the world so much smaller that we want to experience more than what we’ve already seen on screen!

Investing in incentives

So how do you go about organising a worthwhile incentive trip that will be enjoyed and remembered, while hopefully giving you a return on investment?

There have been many studies and surveys into company incentives over the past few years, which show that it can lead to greater loyalty and people staying longer in their jobs. Historically, this has mostly been about staff hitting sales targets; but it’s no longer just about sales. With more focus on staff wellbeing and personal growth, it’s about everyone that makes a difference in a company – incentive travel is good for building relationships and loyalty from junior staff right up to director level.

Money can’t buy experiences

So where do you start organising such a trip? From husky sledding in northern Sweden to the bustling markets of Marrakech, wherever you’re headed, there are a few key points to keep in mind…

Wish you were here?

What do people want these days? Experiential (full on engagement with the history, people, culture, food and environment) and wellness (spas, exercise sessions and mindfulness classes) vacations have both got popular in recent years, so think about what your potential destinations can offer in terms of experiences.

A helping hand

How will you manage the trip? Will you have a dedicated member of staff, or hire an event company? We can take a brief and plan and deliver a fully bespoke package to budget, from teaser campaigns to sorting airport transfers.


Think about trips that are scalable to suit each level of reward – from a half day jolly down to London for afternoon tea to five action packed days in America.

In it for the long haul

How will you get there? Think about your timings – you don’t want to take up a day at both ends of the trip just for travelling.

Be on brand

How will you make sure everything on the trip reflects your company ethos? Attention to detail is key – and make sure you pick your suppliers from recommendation.

Tailor made

How will you personalise the trip to your guests? Will you have a team building activity on one day that focuses on their work back at home?

Get social

Once the planning is over and your group is safely at your destination, make sure you post your antics on social media and/or company comms, if appropriate, to further incentivise those back in the office!

We’d be happy to help with getting any incentive travel plans off the ground, so drop us a line and let’s get started!

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