How to find an event venue… It’s what you know and who you know!


Your choice of venue can make or break an event. Venues have the ability to create a lasting impression on your guests – but they can also be the deciding factor in whether or not they actually attend!

Of course, content is king – and what you have lined up for your guests in terms of the speakers, presentations and discussions will be what engages them once they’re at your event, but the choice of venue could ultimately determine whether there’s a ‘tick’ or a ‘cross’ on that RSVP.

Your venue needs to be both accessible location-wise – and exciting – to motivate them to come. A quirky, prestigious or downright interesting venue will bring in the numbers – then you just need to avoid disconnecting them through dodgy WIFI, uncomfortable seating, bad service or naff food and drink.

Sound a bit overwhelming? Our experienced venue finding team can help you source the right venue to fit your objectives, ethos, theme and, of course, budget. And with our knowledge and experience, we’ve got some great locations up our sleeves!

Tell us about your event

First, we need to know all about your event, so let’s talk about:

● Its objectives – what it aims to achieve and the key messages you want to get across
● Your company ethos and/or values
● Style – so that the venue is relevant to the event
● Desired location
● Budget

We have a lot of venues on our books, and are often out on site visits to discover new ones. So we’re likely to have a few possibilities in mind after chatting with you, or if not, we’ll be ready to dig a little deeper and find you some suitable options.

You might even find inspiration for yourself by looking though our recent site visits and events, from London hotels, to holiday parks and even an MOD training ground! Keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for all the latest venue visits.

Making your event work

It’s easy to fall in love with a venue and get carried away. But remember, as we said earlier, you’ll only pull off a ‘wow factor’ event if everything within the venue works seamlessly as well.

Our experience means we know what will and won’t work for your event, so by having us do the leg work for you, we’ll quickly rule out anything that’s not suitable.

Just some of the things that need thinking about are:

● Facilities – is there enough space for discussions, presentations and break out? Can the venue fulfil all of your tech requirements?
● Access and permissions – if it’s a working venue (i.e. not solely an event venue), how long before the event starts will your delegates be able to gain access? Will you need to factor in time for security checks?
● Bedrooms – either on site or nearby, suitable accommodation will be needed if guests are expected to stay over, or if the location is a couple of hours away or more
● Catering – does the venue provide what you want, or will you be able to get external caterers in?
● Transport – the venue needs to be accessible; if people can’t get there with relative ease, your attendee numbers are going to fall.

New openings and refurbishments

We are often one of the first to get news of new venue openings and refurbishments through our industry contacts, so why spend hours Googling when we’re already one step ahead?

When you start to think about it, there’s no end of possibilities for venue hire. Some quirky venues that come to mind include:

● Battersea Power Station – iconic and recently beautifully redeveloped
● Ice Hotel – either the original in Sweden, which melts back into the river every year, or how about the Ice Bar in London?
● Tower Bridge, London – you may recall those two long, thin rooms shown on The Apprentice a few years back
● Cambridge and Oxford Colleges – very Harry Potteresque!
● National History Museum – they often hold events ‘under the dinosaur’!
● The HMS Belfast on the Thames – a must for history enthusiasts!
● If you’re near Manchester, you can even get married in the bottom of an Edwardian swimming pool! What other events could work there?!

Best rates

We can often negotiate very good rates or free upgrades due to our ongoing relationships with venues – particularly those we use regularly. This means you could get more for your budget and access venues you had not thought possible.

A great event at a great venue doesn’t have to break the bank, it just takes a little imagination… and a little know how! Give us a call to see how we can help with our free venue finding service.

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