Time to check in… Event registration and attendance


We Brits love to queue. Whether we’re at the zoo, heading for the car park pay machine or waiting to see a painting in an art gallery, it’s just in our nature to join the queue. Sometimes we even join a queue out of curiosity for why there is a queue!

One place we don’t want to see queues is at our events. Yes, it’s great to see lots of delegates turn up after months of hard work organising and promoting an event, but first impressions count and a slick, well thought out check in system is crucial.

So where do you start? Firstly, there are a couple of aspects to consider:
1. The initial registration of the delegates, either online before the event or at the event in person
2. The check in of registered attendees on the day

Remember, registration and attendance are two different things. Registration is when someone makes a commitment to come to your event and attendance is when they actually turn up and check in. It goes without saying that you want as many people as possible to convert from ‘registered’ to ‘attended’!


Registration is important for getting people committed to attending your event. Once they have registered and you have captured their data, you can target your marketing and communication, between that moment and the event itself, to keep them engaged.

The process needs to be a speedy, easy experience for your delegates. You’ve probably registered for an event through Eventbrite in the past, but there are over 100 other platforms to choose from. Many have lots of integrated functions, such as marketing and analytics, to help with your event planning.

Whichever software package you choose to register your guests, think about:
– How user friendly it is
– How far it lets you incorporate your branding
– Whether there is the ability for delegates to book workshops, share dietary requirements etc.

If you are allowing guests to turn up on the day, they’ll still need to register to enable you to capture their details. Use tablets – or laptops – and make sure you have enough to avoid queuing.

Checking in

So you’ve got your clients to register, now you need to create a great first impression with an efficient check in process on the day. Just like with registration, there are lots of different options for checking in guests. At FoxWylie, we’ve previously used the Social Tables app as a guest list check in.

An app like Boomset can aid check-in via QR codes, smart badges, selfies, signatures and more. In our blog about tech and trends for 2019 we explained how event professionals will be making even more use of event management technology this year; not only to better inform them of who is attending their events, but to improve the experience of their guests. This tech certainly expands to the check in process, for example…

QR codes
– You could send your registered guests an email with a QR code that is simply scanned on arrival at the event and gives you all the information they entered at registration.

Smart badges
– If you issue smart badges at check in, these can continue to be scanned as the delegates move around the event to let you know which areas they visit and if there are any they don’t. These attendee tracking systems use live data to help you make decisions about future events.

Facial recognition
– No more paper tickets or searching for email confirmations at the door, facial recognition technology checks in your delegates simply by them looking at a camera.

Benefits of software over paper

There are many benefits of making the most of technology for registration and check in. Here are just a handful:

– Fewer queues
– Higher level of accuracy
– No risk of data loss with cloud technologies
– Sets the tone for your event by using forward thinking technology
– Ability to integrate with your event management software so everything is in one place
– Better communication with your delegates pre, during and post event
– Access to analytics and information to help you plan your next event

Feeling inspired to get going? We’d be happy to help with your next event, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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