Event structures… solutions to ‘not quite right’ venues


Searching for the right venue to hold your event can be an exhaustive task. You may have numerous features that you are looking for, but can’t seem to find the perfect site that caters to your needs. The venue may have a large meeting room, but not enough bedrooms. There may be enough bedrooms with a great main meeting space, but the food is sub-standard, and so the problems go on. Sound familiar?

It is through times like these that an event management company can help. There are plenty of solutions to increase availability of space, which the venue itself might just have missed. A fresh pair of eyes can really open up opportunities.

Inflatable pods: style and practicality!

One solution is to use external structures with different sizes to suit any number of guests. The picture left shows inflatable pods that we put in at a previous event. They are not only hugely practical, but look great too!

And if you have an event that will be running into the evening, the pods really come to life when you add LED lighting!

Separate the space 

Another space-creating option is to fabricate separate areas within one large room. Depending on the activity, this could be achieved using drapes, inflatable walls or solid soundproof panels. CAD software enables you to determine how this can be implemented.

There is a plethora of CAD programmes available to help you look at the available space. Specialists can produce designs for you, or your event management company may be able to as part of their pre-production plan.

Silent disco

You could also use silent disco headphones. These allow for several groups to have different presentations all within a fairly small space, whilst not disturbing one another.

Whatever works best for your event, the key points to think about are:

  • Don’t assume the venue has considered all the options
  • Communicate with your production company
  • Look for where extra space could be created
  • Look for where larger spaces can be divided
  • Consider what technology can do to help

Remember to use all of your available sources to gain as much information as possible i.e. the venue finding company, the venue and your event management company, as each will offer a different perspective on the practicality of the venue for your event.