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Vision is perhaps the most important component of any conference.  We all know that feeling of dread when someone blocks your view at an event. Everyone needs to be able to see the presenter’s face, the facts shown on screen, the products being promoted or the video content. We can help you design and create a space that works for everyone in the room.  The traditional corporate event is changing as technology trickles down from the live music side of the industry.

Although we are more than happy to offer a traditional screen and projector set up we are also capable of offering LED screens which offer real wow for your delegates.  The vision element of an event is hugely important after all if you can’t see the presentation or video then you may as well listen to a podcast of the event.

If you like the look of the Huge LED screen then get in touch as it is probably more affordable then you think, especially when you consider that it means you can do away with a huge amount of the set build.

Projectors are still useful in situations where LED screens are not suitable, for example if you want to do projection mapping, where you project content onto, for example the side of a building or a car.  This can look incredibly impressive but it does rely on creating the content well, which is something else we can help with,



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