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We design, create and install stage sets, exhibition stands and even temporary event structures such as marquees and inflatable pods. These can be bespoke custom builds or modular designs to fit with the existing space you have, or to create the area itself. So, if you don’t know what to do with your event space, or you can’t find the right space for your event, we can help.

Creating the right look and feel can be simple, it just requires thinking a little laterally and knowing where to source your items.  The image tot he right shows an army tent that we provided for an automotive training event that was held on an army base.  Being an army themed event at an army base we naturally suggested that using ex military tents would really add to the overall theming of the event.

Using Coloured gazebos for delegates to register at a recent event added some much needed colour to the concept buildings at Millbrook proving ground.

When considering your stage set we are frequently using led backdrops rather than a traditional conference stage set.  It is important to make sure the stage also looks great to compliment the screen.  The below example uses LED tape to make the stage facia glow, creating a really nice look.

BBDO Conference
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