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We design, create and install stage sets, exhibition stands and even temporary structures such as marquees and inflatable pods. These can be bespoke custom builds or modular designs to fit with the existing space you have, or to create the area itself. So, if you don’t know what to do with your event space, or you can’t find the right space for your event, we can help.

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Our lighting specialists are able to design and programme lighting systems for any occasion. We can enhance the look and feel of any room, whether lighting a presenter on stage for an AGM, or creating stunning visual effects for a product launch.

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A hugely important part of any event is the audio; it’s imperative that the audience can clearly hear the presentations, feedback and questions.
Whilst providing crystal clear audio in the room, we can also supply hi-fidelity final recordings for you to use in post event marketing or a highlights video.

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We all know that feeling of dread when someone blocks your view at an event. Everyone needs to be able to see the presenter’s face, the facts shown on screen, the products being promoted or the video content. We can help you design and create a space that works for everyone in the room.

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