A great event… guaranteed?


Is it possible to guarantee that everything will go to plan at an event? The idealistic answer is yes. The realistic answer is no. That’s a rather ambiguous response, we know, but allow us to explain.

A recent client of ours was, understandably, nervous that something might go wrong during their awards dinner. This client wanted to ensure that the attending guests would have a great time and leave the event with positive memories of that experience.

In order to reassure the client, we ‘guaranteed’ that nothing would go wrong that might spoil their event.

Sure enough, the awards evening ran smoothly, with accurate timings and according to plan. The client was extremely happy with the whole production.

These things happen

On reflection, the reason we were able to make that guarantee is not due to precognitive abilities, nor the fact that we knew there would be no problems. Like all of us, we’ve worked on or attended shows where small problems occur – maybe a lamp breaks, a video won’t play or someone misses their cue. These things happen.

The reason we could make this guarantee was because we have complete trust in our team and suppliers, and together we decide on contingency plans for such eventualities.

From our experience, we know the weak points in the system and are able to make sure that we are fully prepared and have the necessary back ups in place. For example, back up projectors and VT’s are always a part of our preparation.

Generally, equipment is becoming more reliable but even so, experienced techs are a must have to help run our events. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently problem solve within a high pressured situation is one of the most important skills a technician must have to work a live event. This knowledge comes from familiarity with the systems and the experience of having seen similar issues arise previously.

What’s in a guarantee?

So when we ‘guarantee’ that every aspect of your event will run smoothly, we are really saying:

  • We have planned thoroughly and thought about the possible issues that can occur
  • We have mitigated the most likely and most catastrophic issues with back ups
  • Our staff are experienced and specialist with handling relevant equipment and system set ups

There may be certain aspects which appear out of our control – after all, how could we possibly foresee the venue experiencing a power cut? We have already planned for issues such as these with a generator placed in the car park. It may be that the cost here outweighs the risk, we’ve only seen one power cut where the venue did not already have back up generators in place. Without thinking about the possibility of things happening, how can anyone make an informed decision about how best to spend their budget?

So when you are next looking at competing quotes for seemingly the same solution, remember to ask the questions regarding the company’s contingency plans. If they cannot provide you with these, is the money you save in using them worth more than the experience of the guests and delegates attending your event?

If you need a guarantee your next event will be a success, get in touch!


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