Event graphics… creating a visual identity


An event is not just about what happens on the day itself. It’s about creating or enhancing a brand, telling a story and creating an experience. Well thought through, effective graphics will bring your event together.

If you go to a festival or show, you’ll expect to get tickets or badges through the post, then you’ll see posters and social media images in the lead up, and then buy event guides and bar tokens on the day, where you’ll also see lots of signage – all (hopefully) on brand and beautifully created!

A common misconception of event organisers is to think, ‘I’ll just create a logo and stick that on my brochures, badges and Powerpoint presentation’. But there is so much more to it than this. If you want your event to be an experience, then branding, creativity and storytelling all need to come into it. After all, we remember what we see more than what we hear – so it’s about creating a visual identity.

Five steps to great event graphics

1. Think about your audience and the aims of your event
2. Create a visual identity based on the above – choose a colour scheme and font, design a logo, and decide on the type of language you will use by creating a semantic field around your theme
3. Decide on a catchy slogan for the event
4. Create an adaptable graphic that can be used across various materials – social media, brochures, badges, t-shirts, adverts etc.
5. Write a branding document or style guide – and stick to it throughout, from marketing the event a year in advance to any follow up communication after the event has taken place

What do we do?

We sit down with you and come up with a concept. We then take all design work and branding in house using Adobe software such as InDesign and Illustrator to bring your vision to life, before taking care of the print and set up at your event. We can also work with our in-house animator and videographer for animating pictures, creating characters and even adding movement to your logo.

How do we do it?

The best way for us to explain is to use the example of the Tour of Duty event we managed for Kia, the car manufacturer. FoxWylie were instructed to create all the branding and artwork for this event, which included creating the overall look and feel and the event logo.

This event was designed to educate and inform the Kia sales teams about the new models, which had just come out. It took place at the Swynnerton MOD Training Camp in Staffordshire; the basis for the Tour of Duty theme! The team who led the event were dressed head to toe in army gear (including berets and boots!) and known by delegates – or recruits – as lieutenants.

Artistic license

So how did the graphics pull the event together?

Logo – We took the Kia logo and incorporated it into the new logo for the event, creating brand identity and something completely new.
Materials – We created branded signage, including main road directions to direct the delegates to the entrance, as well as the registration desks, flags and banners across the whole site. But we also put a spin on other materials; the delegate guide for the day was designed as an aide-memoire rather than a standard booklet, the name badges were dog tags and attendees also had colour coded armbands. We also used army tent coverings for the marquees, together with themed props and decorations.
Language – The language used on the materials played a key part in the theme. Just some examples included: ‘Enrol here’ at the registration desks rather than ‘Register’; ‘Mess Hall’ rather than ‘Canteen’ or ‘Lunch and ‘Aide-Memoire’ rather than ‘Event guide’.

Budgeting for graphic design

Always make sure you put enough of your budget aside for design work; you can see now how important it is. Here are some handy tools you can find online to help with working on a budget:
● Try using Canva if you’re new to design or don’t have any existing software to play with
● Looking for images? There are lots of free images available online – try Unsplash for something a bit different
Pinterest and Behance are great for inspiration and creating mood boards
● Fonts are really important – if you’ve seen one you like, find what it is using What the Font or download one for free from Google Fonts to get you started

If you’d like to speak further with us about graphic design for your event, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

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