An app a day… makes for a less stressful event!


Event apps! Do you have a few you couldn’t live without and then loads more just cluttering your phone screen? If any of your work involves event planning, you’ll know how busy and stressful things can get! Many of us work in very small teams, having to juggle multiple tasks. If we could grow an extra pair of hands we would, but otherwise, any extra help technology can offer is always gratefully received!

There are a few million apps out there, so how do you sift through and find those that will help? We’ve broken it down into seven main areas that event planners will usually be involved with, and given some examples of the types of apps available. So why not have a virtual spring clean and get some of these apps on your home page? We think you’ll thank us for it!


Let’s start with a few must-haves for everyone; event professional or other!

You mustn’t be without a good calendar app. When you’re working onsite, the outside world can seem a distant memory, so keep track of meetings and appointments with handy reminders on your phone. You’ll also be able to organise meetings wherever you are and sync calendars with colleagues to make life easier.

Maps! Essential if you’re travelling between sites to find where you’re going or just check the current traffic.

A weather app is also a very good idea – and essential if it’s an outside event – to help you plan accordingly.


Yes, there’s always 101 things to remember and action, but luckily there are plenty of apps that turn manual ‘to do’ lists into a piece of cake!

We really like Wunderlist here at FoxWylie – a ‘to do’ list with automatic reminders. Our Project Manager Lisa says: “If you think of something that needs adding to your daily ’to do list’, you can just chuck it in there, then it’s waiting for you when you get to the office.”

Another good one is Asana, which lets you organise, track and manage your workload by creating ‘to do’ lists and assigning tasks to different team members.

Doodle is fantastic for organising people. The next time you need to organise a site visit, a meeting or find out what everyone in the office wants for lunch, then try Doodle. It’s basically an online poll where participants enter their name and then can choose from options, such as dates or dietary requirements.


Marketing naturally ramps up before an event and is crucial at the event.

Try out a social media scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, to plan some of your posts in advance, leaving you free to sort out other things on the day. Hopefully you’ll be getting lots of engagement too, so an app like Boomerang is really helpful for saving all of your notifications in one place, ready to answer when you get a minute and without the risk of forgetting anyone!

And of course, getting great photos is essential at events. If you’ve got a few people snapping away, then a photo sharing app such as Capsule can make sure they all end up in one place ready for you to use.


There’s no escaping the paperwork, but it can be made a lot less time consuming with some carefully chosen apps.

Use something like DropBox or Google Drive to easily share documents between team members or with your clients, without having reams of paper to print.

CamScanner is a brilliant little tool that converts documents, contracts, marketing materials or anything you need into PDFs at the press of a button, and HelloSign lets you digitally sign contracts or other documents, there and then with e-signatures.

At FoxWylie, we use apps for our accounting too. Lisa says: “The Xero app allows us to scan receipts so expenses are simple to manage and we also use MileIQ for tracking company mileage.”


Good communication on site is essential! From WhatsApp groups to Google Hangouts, however you choose to chat make sure it’s the right platform for you.

The HeyTell app is the new walkie talkie! We all know how frustrating it can be to have to carry both your phone and a walkie talkie around on site – HeyTell is essentially a walkie talkie on your phone, and yes, you even push and hold the button down to talk!


There are lots of different options for event registration these days – delegates may be able to scan their badges or even use facial recognition. An app like Boomset can aid check-in via QR codes, badges, selfies, signatures and more.

At FoxWylie, we’ve previously used the Social Tables app as a guest list check in. It can also produce seating plans for you.

And finally…

If you’re looking for some inspiration on a theme, or want to share ideas with a client on site, Pinterest is great for bringing together hundreds of inspiring photos in one place. We’re big fans here at FoxWylie!

If there’s a speech at the event, the speaker might thank you for this handy little app… Ummo. It’s basically a virtual speech coach, which will keep track of your speech and tell you whether you’re guilty of ‘umming’ and ‘ahing’ or talking at 100mph!

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