‘T’is the season’… for Christmas parties.

Christmas is the big one. It’s what we build up to all year, and with it comes the office party! Undeniably great fun, there’s also a heck of a lot of planning that needs to go into it.

You might have nominated someone in your company to organise your Christmas parties – you may even have a whole committee on the case. Whether they love or loathe taking on the responsibility, the help of an event planner can add an extra dimension to proceedings and take away a lot of the stress.

From turkey and all the trimmings in a nice pub, to going all out with a Love Actually style dry hire of an art gallery, we’ve got a few tips to keep your party goers ‘rockin’ around the Christmas tree’ until late this festive season…

Master the basics 

The key things to consider are…

  • Budget – decide on it and stick to it!
  • Date – get it sorted early on. Doodle polls are a great way of keeping track of everyone’s availability
  • Venue – make sure you consider location so everyone can attend
  • Food and drink – decide what will be included – from welcome fizz to midnight snacks
  • Entertainment – a DJ, magician or even dance demos – there are so many options to consider
  • Itinerary – create a schedule of what will happen and when, from arrival to the first DJ set

Stand out from the crowd

You don’t have to be traditional just because it’s Christmas.

Introducing a theme will always help get people in the mood and excited about your event. How about black and white, the 80s or Hollywood?

Why not give turkey the boot and find a venue or supplier that will serve tapas, a pie selection (very fashionable in London!) or even a winter BBQ?

And your party doesn’t have to be in December – look in November and a whole host of additional options could open up for you. Or how about January to kickstart the new year in style?

Find the perfect venue

Whether you want to bring a theme to life through the venue, or location is key, we can find your ideal venue. It’s important to look at options you might not ordinarily consider, because they might just surprise you – think of us as the Phil and Kirsty of the event world!

Remember to consider all of the above points when choosing your venue. You might be tempted by something exciting like a disused aircraft hanger, but unless you have the time and budget to see a theme through, is it likely to turn out as well as you imagine, or just a vast, unwelcoming space?

Similarly, while there are many ‘off the shelf’ packages out there, which can be great for budget, make sure they’re not restricting you or spending budget where you’d rather use it elsewhere. It’s about working out your priorities.

Give it a little ‘razzle dazzle’

There are so many things you can add to your party to make it more than just a ‘dinner dance’. Photo booths and snack tables are popular, or how about a ‘chill out’ area with beanbags and cushions, or goody bags for everyone to take home?

The right tech can really take your event to the next level. We can set up the right lighting, audio and staging for post dinner speeches, banners and graphics to fit with your theme, and a variety of temporary structures from marquees for outdoor occasions to inflatable pods for larger areas.

If you need any help with your celebrations, get in touch!

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