Event graphics… creating a visual identity

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  An event is not just about what happens on the day itself. It’s about creating or enhancing a brand, telling a story and creating an experience. Well thought through, effective graphics will bring your event together. If you go to a festival or show, you’ll expect to get tickets or badges [...]

Outsourced Event Management – Event management made easy!

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  In with the old, in with the new Did you know you outsource event management? There has been a lot of discussion in the past few years about how events will change as a result of effective video conferencing. There is no doubt that this technology has come a [...]

Video production for social media and marketing

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  What do you think when you hear the words ‘video production’ - does it excite you or fill you with dread? To be honest, we wouldn’t blame you if it’s the latter! There is so much talk of the importance of producing regular, quality video content for your digital [...]

Cheap event management… but is it worth it?

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  In any industry you will always find someone who will provide the services you are looking for at a cheaper price, but is it always wise to buy cheap? How can you be sure of value for money and a return on your investment? For SMEs it is particularly [...]

Engage your audience… with a throwable mic!

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  The dreaded Q&A session An awkward hush befalls the unwilling audience. Eyes dart suspiciously between delegates. A lowly microphone remains unheld and waiting for the bravest to take control of the situation. Aghh! We’ve all been there! Finally, a willing participant ready to further the conversation and bring relief [...]

A great event… guaranteed?

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  Is it possible to guarantee that everything will go to plan at an event? The idealistic answer is yes. The realistic answer is no. That’s a rather ambiguous response, we know, but allow us to explain. A recent client of ours was, understandably, nervous that something might go wrong [...]

Event structures… solutions to ‘not quite right’ venues

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  Searching for the right venue to hold your event can be an exhaustive task. You may have numerous features that you are looking for, but can’t seem to find the perfect site that caters to your needs. The venue may have a large meeting room, but not enough bedrooms. [...]