Reducing single use plastics in events & conferences

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  Yes, it’s the dreaded P word, plastic. We’re all obsessed with it and rightly so. Since the mighty Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, most of us have been shocked into the realisation of the devastating effect plastic is having on our beautiful planet. A big part of this [...]

Automotive events with plenty of horsepower

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  We organise so many types of events from award shows and gala dinners, to product launches and exhibitions, but something else we do a lot of is training events for our automotive clients. Automotive events take many forms, including product launches, exhibitions, conferences, test drives and staff training, and [...]

Safety and security at events

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  There is so much to think about when you are organising an event. If you’re holding it in a purpose built event venue or a hotel, then many of the security and health & safety actions on your list are most likely to already have been taken care of [...]

Time to check in… Event registration and attendance

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  We Brits love to queue. Whether we’re at the zoo, heading for the car park pay machine or waiting to see a painting in an art gallery, it’s just in our nature to join the queue. Sometimes we even join a queue out of curiosity for why there is a [...]

How to find an event venue… It’s what you know and who you know!

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  Your choice of venue can make or break an event. Venues have the ability to create a lasting impression on your guests - but they can also be the deciding factor in whether or not they actually attend! Of course, content is king - and what you have lined up for [...]

Event structures… solutions to ‘not quite right’ venues

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  Searching for the right venue to hold your event can be an exhaustive task. You may have numerous features that you are looking for, but can’t seem to find the perfect site that caters to your needs. The venue may have a large meeting room, but not enough bedrooms. [...]