Benefits of using an Event Manager


It’s quite often the case that people are asked to organise an event alongside their day job. Chances are they’ll be squeezing it into an already busy workload and so won’t be able to give it their full attention. That’s without mentioning that they probably don’t have the knowledge or right skill set to do the event justice. It’s quite possible they’ll end up trying to wear too many hats to no real advantage.

You probably wouldn’t muddle your way through your bookkeeping without hiring an accountant, because they know the rules, regulations, the correct way of doing things and also how to make sure you don’t pay more tax than you need to. An Event Manager is just as important to a successful event. It’s not just about taking a job away from your staff, but about doing it correctly, cost effectively… and well.

Benefits of events

Let’s look first at the benefits of running events. It can be tempting with the ease of technology to get your message out digitally rather than in person, but an event gives that physical contact that the digital world can only deliver to an extent.

By investing in hosting an event you will:

  • get your message out there in a memorable way
  • get people thinking outside the box
  • give staff, suppliers or your customers more value
  • allow your teams to spend time together – sometimes the most important discussions happen outside the conference room!

What does running an event involve?

The key to a successful event is in the planning and a lot more goes into organising an event than initially meets the eye. You can follow the links to any of the points below to read about them in more detail.

In brief you need to:

All of these things are time consuming and often require specialist knowledge and relevant experience. This can be even harder if you don’t know where to begin or what needs the most focus.

What skills do you need to pull off a great event?

If your team are not experienced in every one of the above areas, they will take significantly more time than an expert would to complete the same tasks. A good Event Manager will possess all of the below points – plus many more – so by outsourcing your event, you’ll have everything covered in a more cost-effective way.


Flexibility – you should always have a plan B handy in the world of events and be ready to change things around at a moment’s notice
Communication – crucial for managing many different people at once, from suppliers to VIPs
Energy and enthusiasm – event days, plus build up and break down, are long and often demanding, but you’re still expected to have a smile on your face for your guests!
Time management – everything has to run like clockwork at all times
Attention to detail – the minute details are often what sets one event apart from the rest


Experience of what works – Event Managers have a wealth of proven formats to draw on to help your event thrive
Problem solving – if a piece of equipment breaks, for example, it’s likely a seasoned Event Manager has seen it happen before and can come to a quick solution
Relationships with suppliers – over the years you build good relationships with regular suppliers who you can call on to help with a last minute problem.
Negotiating payment terms – the relationships Event Managers have can often see the client getting even better rates than they would if they had gone direct to a supplier


Health and safety rules and regulations – knowledge and implementation of these are crucial for event safety and risk management
Insider knowledge – for example, knowing the right questions to ask a venue from day one ensures there are no nasty surprises down the line
Cultural understanding of delegates and event destinations – equally important for events abroad

What will a good Event Manager do for you?

Well, in short, all of the above! They are passionate about events and will have exceptional attention to detail. However, it’s just as important to note that your Event Manager wants to work alongside you. Outsourcing does not mean losing control, and they fully intend for it to still be ‘your’ event. Plus you get to carry on with your day job in the weeks and days before and then enjoy hosting the event on the day without the pressure of managing it.

At FoxWylie we can manage your whole event, or just support on specific things such as venue finding or content creation. Could FoxWylie be your ideal event partner? Get in touch and let’s chat!

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