Automotive events with plenty of horsepower


We organise so many types of events from award shows and gala dinners, to product launches and exhibitions, but something else we do a lot of is training events for our automotive clients.

Automotive events take many forms, including product launches, exhibitions, conferences, test drives and staff training, and it’s a really exciting industry to work with. Who doesn’t love an exciting new car with all of its top of the range features?! Research has shown that of all industry sectors, the motor industry is one that invests most heavily in events.

What are automotive events all about?

The types of events we currently work on are fantastic experiential projects. Training events offer the opportunity to do something different, be creative and add an interactive element to the day.

The basic objective is to teach delegates, often staff from the various car dealerships, about the new features of the vehicles that the manufacturer is selling. Of course, cars are complex products with many varying assets and features, which can set one apart from another in a very competitive market.

With that in mind, there is often a lot of important information to convey during an automotive event, and there may also be a requirement for access to certain facilities, such as a test drive track or circuit. Above all, the learning needs to be interesting, exciting and immersive so that delegates remember the details and are able to relay the key features to their colleagues, teams and, of course, their customers.

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is a well-known model in education; a theory developed by David Kolb back in the 80s, who defined it as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience”.

There are four stages to experiential learning and this is where events come in. The first stage is the concrete experience that is encountered, for example, a test drive. This is then followed by reflective observation of the new experience, then abstract conceptualisation (the reflection giving rise to new thoughts and ideas) and finally active experimentation (applying these new ideas to the real world, for example, a salesman conveying his thoughts on a car to the customer).

Obviously, all of this can be applied to events in other industries, not just automotive!

So how do we do it?

These events are a lot of fun! They give us artistic licence, we can make use of unusual venues and locations, and produce something that is bespoke and unique to the client and products.

We always think outside the box and one particular event, which we’re going to tell you more about below, had a theme unrelated to cars, but fitted together perfectly with the client’s aims and objectives, and created an impactful experience for delegates.

Kia Masterclass Tour of Duty Case Study

We were delighted to record our highest feedback rating to date for this event. Here’s what happened…

The aim: This event was designed to educate and inform the Kia sales teams about the all new Kia CEED, new Sportage, and the new Optima. Over the course of 6 days, almost 700 delegates came through the doors.

Where was it held: The masterclass took place at the Swynnerton MOD Training Camp in Staffordshire; a live training site used by various groups throughout the year for their training and exercises. As such, the entire team were dressed head to toe in army gear and known by delegates as lieutenants, and the delegates enrolled as recruits!

How did the clients learn: Here are some examples of experiential learning on the day…
1. The ‘Sergeant Major’ opened the day by updating the group on the Kia stats for the year, before all recruits made a swift exit as the enemy fire closed in! In such an immersive environment, these important company stats were more likely to be remembered by the delegates.
2. The teams had the opportunity to drive each of the new vehicles in the Kia range and see first- hand some of the exciting new features.
3. The recruits had to break out of a coded escape room, throw a grenade at a target and master some off-road driving before being escorted by the lieutenants to the mess hall for lunch!

Read the whole case study: https://www.foxwylie.com/kia-outsourced-immersive-training/

Future plans for automotive events

We love to produce and manage events in this industry, and there is lots of exciting progress in the electric car area – something we’re particularly enthusiastic about from an environmental standpoint. With the plan to ban petrol and diesel vehicles in the next few years, electric cars are our future, and what better way to communicate their benefits than through the power of events?! Watch this space!

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