The 5 B’s of why we don’t own equipment


While the basis of one event to another may seem similar, no two events are ever the same. So why would anyone choose to be restricted by the resources available at their chosen venue, or an event management company who uses the same in-house equipment or suppliers, no matter what the event requirements?

As the saying goes, there is no point trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Your event is unique, and it should stay that way.

At FoxWylie, we take a holistic approach to event management, production and content. By choosing not to own our own equipment and bringing in suitable suppliers and industry specialists as a result of our site visits, meetings and planning, we work flexibly around you and your event.

Here are our ‘5 B’s’ of how not owning our own equipment makes for bigger and better events for you…


First up, it ensures we are always focusing on the best solution for the event, rather than just using what we have and making it work.

Part of our skillset is the ability to bring in the right suppliers, but we also take pride in the relationships we have with them.

Last year we worked with Motiv8 International supporting the delivery of the Kia Academy Masterclass 2018 – an immersive training event held at a live MOD training camp! We coordinated an escape room and even used pyrotechnics, fire and smoke to simulate a battle! We also created all the branding and produced colour coded armbands, dog tag name badges, and the aide-memoire, which was the delegate guide for the day. You can’t get much more bespoke than that!

Best tech

If we’re not restricted by what’s already in the cupboard, we can always be on the lookout for the newest tech and keep on top of new trends.

So, when we come to discuss your requirements, we can present you with options you may not have thought of to give your event the edge. You can rest assured that we won’t be selling you something for the sake of it – we’re as excited as you to find fresh, new products and services to help make it all come together!


We understand that your budget needs sticking to. Our approach allows us to look at lots of suppliers to ensure the best end costs for you and we’re always happy to work with our clients to maximise their budgets.

One of our clients, The Association of Corporate Treasures (ACT), were lent free equipment to use by the venue for their annual Cash Management London conference. The venue kindly provided a screen and projector free of charge within the room hire fee, and we provided a simple backdrop to go around the screen and a crisp sound system to ensure that everyone could hear.

Making use of what you’re offered is resourceful, sustainable and makes economic sense, as long as it does the job! We’ll always check every aspect of your event to ensure it’s the best it can be. In this case the visual equipment worked a treat and helped produce a great event.

Be the best we can for you

Without any kit to look after and be responsible for, all of our energy goes into helping our clients manage their events – just as it should be!

We recently worked with a New York based company to provide production support for their Fintech event in London. The venue was a nightclub in the city, and they wanted to keep the unique feel of the club and use the in-house sound system. After an on-site assessment, it was agreed that a separate sound system should be installed for the day to ensure the best sound, but we were more than happy to explore our client’s suggestions and will always do all we can to make it work.

Boundaries – what boundaries?!

As you’ve probably realised by now, we’re used to working from scratch on each unique event we’re tasked with, which means we can produce an event nearby in London or overseas at a destination of your choice. We’re a generation of globetrotters, after all!

If we’ve inspired you to get your next event off the ground, drop us a line and let’s get started!