Engage your audience… with a throwable mic!


The dreaded Q&A session

An awkward hush befalls the unwilling audience. Eyes dart suspiciously between delegates. A lowly microphone remains unheld and waiting for the bravest to take control of the situation. Aghh! We’ve all been there!

Finally, a willing participant ready to further the conversation and bring relief to the stifling atmosphere. But then, there is silence as the microphone makes its way through the room creating its soft muffling noise, passing between audience members to eventually reach the keen delegate.

Yes, you have experienced the dreaded Q&A section of a conference. In most situations, the passing of a single hand held microphone to members of the audience who wish to speak creates periods of uncomfortable silence – time which could be better utilised. Audience members are reluctant to offer comment or question, if they feel they will be disrupting the flow of the conference to do so. This atmosphere leads to an unfortunate situation where the conversation halts, and consequently, the event ends on a low note.

Throw a lifeline

At FoxWylie we are keen to keep the mood of your event light, enjoyable and consistent. For Q&A sessions, we recommend using throwable microphones that keep the conversation flowing and delegates engaged.

A throwable microphone is exactly what it sounds like, a microphone that can be thrown or passed between audience members who wish to speak. The microphone and transmitter are concealed neatly inside a protective high-density foam football; ensuring softness and durability – a perfect combination for an audience who has a lot to say. Just like the traditionally handheld microphone, a throwable microphone can also be muted when it’s not in use.

Oi, catch!

We know what you’re thinking – ‘do I really want to be throwing objects around the event room?’ Yes, you do! This type of activity refreshes the atmosphere of a conference and encourages delegate engagement and participation. With the chance to speak and offer comment being so readily available to them, the audience will feel more inclined to become involved with the conversation. Using a throwable microphone will end your session on a high note. The audience will feel good about what they have just participated in and will feel excited about sharing their experience of your event with others.

People can often be worried about the prospect of throwing an expensive piece of equipment around a room full of people. So long as you get off to a good start with the session moderator taking the initial throw to launch the ball from the stage to the eagerly awaiting audience member, everyone will soon get into the flow. Never again will you have an unengaged audience during a Q&A session.

If you would like to find out about using a throwable microphone at your next event then drop us a line!

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